Privacy Policy

 Welcome to use our products and services! We deeply understand the importance of personal information to you, and your trust is very important to us. We will provide sufficient protection for the security of your personal information in accordance with legal requirements and industry best practices. To this end, (or “we”) has developed this “Privacy Policy” (hereinafter referred to as “this Policy/this Privacy Policy”) to help you fully understand how we collect, use, share, store, and protect your personal information when you use products and services, and how you can manage your personal information.

Before you start using our products and services, please read and understand this policy carefully, especially the terms marked in bold/bold underline, to ensure that you fully understand and agree before starting to use them. We try to explain the professional terms mentioned in this policy in a simple and understandable way to facilitate your understanding.

This privacy policy mainly explains how we collect and use your personal information:

【How we collect and use your personal information】 provides you with convenient e-commerce transaction platform services. In order to provide these services, we mainly need to collect, use, share, and store your personal information as follows:

Users have the right to request information/access, modify, or delete their personal data.

Membership registration: We provide basic membership services for you through the platform account. Although you can browse product information anonymously when you visit our website or client, you need to register as a platform member to place an order and enjoy other member services.

Display of goods/services and convenient search: In order to save your time searching for goods and improve your online shopping efficiency, we will use our technology to show you more suitable goods/services, including recommending goods/services that you may need based on your predicted interests, favorites, added items, and purchased records (“recommended for you”). In addition to text search, we also provide voice input and real object shooting search methods, and you can choose to use them as needed.

Ordering and transaction fulfillment: You need to provide recipient, delivery address, and contact phone information so that we can help you complete the transaction smoothly and ensure your transaction security.

Customer service and dispute resolution: When providing customer service or dispute resolution services to you, we need to collect and process your necessary information to verify your identity, reply to you, and review the service quality of our service personnel.

Commenting, sharing, and other information publishing: You can choose to use comment, Q&A, community sharing, live broadcast, and other information publishing functions to share your shopping experience with other users.

Security protection: To protect your account and transaction security, we need to collect and process your device information and log information. We will also use it to prevent various illegal uses or acts that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of other subjects.

Other additional functions: To enhance your shopping experience, we also provide you with many additional functions. For example, using your location to provide you with nearby goods/services and discounts, you can choose to use or turn off as needed.

Regarding your personal information mentioned above, most of it is provided by you actively, some is obtained by us through cookies, SDKs, and similar technologies when you use our products or services, and some is indirectly obtained from third parties.

We hope you can understand that we cannot provide all of the above services to you separately. In many cases, we also need to work with our affiliated companies and other service providers to provide these services to you. Therefore, to meet the necessary requirements for providing you with the above services, we need to provide some of your personal information to our affiliated companies, suppliers, partners, and other third parties through sharing or entrustment processing methods. We will take necessary technical and management measures to protect the security of your personal information as much as possible.

In addition, according to your choice, we will also provide your personal information to the seller or other trading objects you are dealing with so that they can provide you with the goods or services you have chosen.

【How do you manage your own information】

You can manage your personal information in various ways, such as deleting items from your shopping cart, updating your personal information, and cancelling your account. If you encounter any issues when managing your personal information, you can also contact us through the contact information below, and we will respond to your request within 15 days. However, please understand that we may not be able to fully satisfy your request due to legal obligations or the necessity of providing services.

【Protection of Personal Information of Minors】

We have always attached great importance to and are committed to protecting the personal information of minors. If you are a minor, we recommend that you read this policy together with your parents or other guardians. If you are a child under the age of 14, before using our services, you and your parents or other guardians should carefully read our specially formulated “Rules for the Protection of Children’s Personal Information”. Only after obtaining the consent of your parents or other guardians to the “Rules for the Protection of Children’s Personal Information” and under their guidance, can you use our services to ensure your safety when using our services and making transactions.

【Scope of Application of this Policy】

Please note: This policy applies to all products and services provided by service providers, including websites, clients, mini-programs, and new forms that appear with technological development. If products or services and affiliated companies’ products or services use products or services but do not have separate privacy policies, this policy also applies to those products or services. If we or affiliated companies have separate privacy policies for the products or services provided to you, the corresponding privacy policies will apply to the corresponding products or services.

【Contact Us】

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this policy, or if you encounter any problems when managing your personal information, you can contact us through various feedback channels provided by us:

For inquiries and complaints related to your personal information, you can contact us through customer service and various contact methods provided by